How Aspen Get Their Gold

Ever wondered how aspen trees get those amazing golden leaves?

Light painting. Really!

So…how big is a moose?

Well, they’re about this big.

Drive By - River Eagle

Driving down the road, crossing a bridge and BAM! There he was. Sure wish I had a longer lens for this shot.

Labor Day…of Meat

Not grilled…SMOKED! Brisket and pulled pork…oh my!

Autumn on the Doorstep

Autumn arrived on my doorstep sometime during the night. Sure, it’s still warm during the day but the trees know…

Papparazzi FAIL

A young bull moose crosses an access road as a clueless group of photographers look the other way. (no, the moose is not photoshopped in.)

Foggy Morning - 8

The lake has a large population of geese that overnite here. I’m guessing somewhere around 200-300. It was pretty cool (and noisy) watching them take off through the fog.

Foggy Morning - 7

The fog was pretty thick when I arrived but from the look of this branch, the fog was really thick overnight.

Foggy Morning - 6

The fog lifted a little on the northwest side of the lake so the path was easy to see.

Foggy Morning - 5

Early morning sun struggles to burn through a cold fog lending an eerie quality to the start of the day. Didn’t see any zombies though.